Sunday, March 23, 2008

This guy really put into words something that's been bugging me.

This is a link to a 10 minute video. The 2nd half is what I'm talking about.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Democrats and Communist

Something is going on in China right now. Tibet, a province on the western end of China is in an uproar. To be honest, I've only half way been following it so I don't know the reason for the rebellion or many details save what I've been skimming in the drudgereport.

However, one thing did catch my attention:

Zhang Qingli, the secretary of the Tibet Autonomous Region has said (reported by

"The Communist Party is like the parent to the Tibetan people, and it is always considerate about what the children need," Zhang said last year. He later added: "The Central Party Committee is the real Buddha for Tibetans."

Doesn't that make you want to throw up? I'm not Buddhist by any means but 2 things jump out at me from this statement.

1. The Communist party essentially claiming to be their god. Well, there's just not any words for this. Just sick really. This makes me think that communism should be redefined as a cult.

2. The part about the Communist Party is like the parent of the Tibetan people. This now, reminds me of the town hall meeting back in one of the presidential elections in the 90s. Some hippie joker cried out to Bill Clinton saying, "Are we not your children?"

Monday, March 3, 2008

The price of Liberty

Liberty is a very expensive commodity.

Liberty is bigger than any one person.

Liberty is more important than the operation that someone's grandmother needs for a hip replacement.

Liberty is more important than the liver transplant to keep an 18 year old alive.

Liberty is more important than the food that starving children need to survive.

Our fathers died for us to have Liberty. Why have we been giving it up over the past 80 years or so?