Monday, June 4, 2007

Some funny things

One day I saw a guy riding a bicycle and smoking a cigarette.

I saw a guy riding a bicycle with an open umbrella going up a steep hill.

I've seen several cases of 2 people on one bicycle in heavy traffic. Once I saw 2 teenagers one peddling and the other on the handlebars laughing and screaming obscentities at the guy pedaling.

Several times while I'm out running in the mornings, I've seen a dad with his son or daughter sitting on the cross bar. In all cases it looked like they were on their way to the school.

Twice I've taken an unlicenced taxi to get home. These taxis are called pirate taxis. When I got to the house, my wife asked me how I got home so I told her. My 4-year-old found it extremely interesting and said that he didn't know that there was such a thing as a "pirate" taxi.

We looked at an interesting piece of property that's forsale about a week ago. The couple live next to his mom. Over the years, they've added on to their house in pretty much any direction. They have 2 rooms that cross the property line, each room sitting half on the mom's lot and half on theirs. There are two filled in swimming pools in the back yard. One rectangular that now has corn growing out of it. The other is circular and encompasses part of the rectangular one. Again, both are filled in. Nevertheless it was all very interesting.

The other day my sister-in-law lost her voice, I told my4-year-old that it may be in the back yard and that we needed to find it. He looked for it for a while.


Joel Odom said...

Telling your boy that the voice was in the back yard sounds like a joke that I would try.

kevinc said...

That's because I am an ENTP and I think that you're an INTP. I think its an NT'ish thing to do.

General Ledger said...

Sounds like excerpts from the day in the life in Lamar County.