Friday, July 20, 2007

Some pics (finally)

Das Schloß This is the inside of our house. The door on the left is the front door from the garage. To the right of the table is the kitchen.

Nice View
This pic was taken about half way up the mountain whose summit is Volcano Irazu. The city in the valley is Cartago. The direction of this view is due south. You can see the southern mountain range of the central valley. Less than 40 miles (south) from the point that this pic was taken is the Pacific Ocean. Following the road on the right will take you down to Potrero Cerrado and then to Tierra Blanca. I'm guessing that this point is 1.5 miles above sea level. If you get a 1980 version of World Book Encyclopedia you can see almost the same picture.

Some Random Costa Rican Kid On the way up to Volcano Irazu one day, I stopped in one of the towns and took a picture of this kid on the side of the road. Its kind of chilly at that elevation but he didn't seem to mind as he's wearing a tank top.

Costa Rican Street Dog

My Friend Mr. T

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Joel Odom said...

Dude! That's no dog. That's a chupicabra!