Friday, February 15, 2008

Let's Strengthen the Electoral College

In a time when many are calling for the elimination of the Electoral College, I believe that we shouldn't eliminate but in fact make it stronger. Why do I think this is a good idea? Because I do not think the American people are best suited for electing a president.

The voting for president should not be a popularity contest. In fact, the founders thought that the office should look for the man, not the man for the office. (Now a days we can say man or woman...)

I really think that we should take the electoral college system one step further: members of the electoral college should decide for themselves who will be president. You may be thinking, that's not Democratic and takes away the people's voice. I ask you to hang in here as I try to explain my reasoning.

First I really think that the common man or woman are not in a position to know what kind of person the office of the presidency needs. This is a generalization but think about this:

What do the following know about the requirements for the office of the presidency, or who will be best suited as a president?
  • An 18 year old fresh out of high school.
  • A grocery store cashier.
  • Your average pastor or priest.
  • A project manager in some IT shop.
  • A stay at home mom.
  • A taxi driver.
  • A doctor.
  • A lawyer.
  • A welfare repeat user.
  • The guy who picks up your garbage.
  • A fashion model.
  • A software developer.
  • A drug addict.
Reading through this list might make you whence. You may think that some may know better than others. It could be that the garbage truck driver does know more than the lawyer. In general, I really think that most people lack the wisdom and technical ability to select a president. We do however know people who we consider wise, who have proven themselves to one degree or another. I think that the electoral college should be made up of these wise people. We should elect these people to choose our president.

Another degree of separation with which I would be very comfortable is to have the state legislatures themselves choose the members of the electoral college. One side benefit is that the state legislature would be better watched by the people. As it is now, it seems that the people are more focused on the Congress in Washington than the legislatures in their own states.

Bottom Line: The American public is not fit to elect an American President. They are more fit, to elect an American Idol.


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Joel Odom said...

Kevin, I like the idea of letting the state legislatures send the presidential electors. I also would like to get back to letting state legislatures choose the state's senators.

kevinc said...

Joel, Great point. Zell Miller introduced legislation to do just that a few years back. They don't make Democrats like him anymore!