Friday, April 11, 2008

New rules for dating

There are general guide lines or rules one should follow before entering into a serious relationship with one of the opposite sex.

A few of these rules are:
  • You must be compatible
  • Its best to have similar political views (this isn't always true, but does help)
  • Its best if the two families can at least get along.
  • You should be of the same religion. This really comes into play once you have kids.
It turns out there's a new rule that should be added to the list.

You should both be members of the same gang or compatible gangs.

A fight broke out between a couple recently. A man belonging to a different gang than his girl friend had a violent disagreement with her concerning which gang their 4-year-old should join. Only if they had known about this new relationship rule, all of this could have been avoided. Someone should let Dr. Laura know about this!

See source article here.


General Ledger said...

Its not a tough decision as you can see, I can blow you away or you can ride with me.

kevinc said...

Hey! It's MCA!

Joel Odom said...