Saturday, May 10, 2008

Crown Update

Last Sunday, we had a Crown graduation at the church. This is the 3rd group that we've lead since being here. (We each led 1 group at the same time in September to November 2008).

This time around 4 folks graduated and 2 co-leaders completed their 2nd run of this; making them now ready to lead their own group.

One lady did not graduate because she missed 1 too many classes. I really felt bad for her. It seems that she has a lot of pressure on her, with her mother, husband and kids all competing for her attention. I am hoping that she participates again in the future.


Joel Odom said...

So what if she didn't graduate? She still learned the material, right? Isn't that the point? Wisdom doesn't look at one's transcript.

kevinc said...

You are absolutely right. She did learn much of the material and was heavily exposed to it. However, there are standards that must be upheld. A big problem was that she missed the last class. In that class, we were doubling up on two sessions. Since she had already missed two sessions, that put her at missing 40% of the sessions.

Again, I do agree with you though: it's MUCH more important to learn the material and apply it regularly than to have a Crown certificate.