Friday, June 20, 2008

Transformer Politics

Is it just me? Does anyone else see the similarities? Maybe its because I grew up in the 80s and at the same time I'm very political.

Here's what I'm talking about:

Obama is really kind of like a Star Scream, and Bill Clinton would probably be a better fit for Megatron. But, Obamatron sounds better than Clintontron. One could also make the argument that Hillary Clinton is more like a Star Scream and Obama the Megatron. Anyway, Obamatron sounds better than Clintontron; and Obama clinched it for his party. Therefore, he is: Obamatron!

Now McCain being a RINObot makes complete sense. The Dinobot, Grimlock was constantly testing Optimus Prime's authority. Now here are the parallels: McCain is not a true fiscal or social conservative and has tested the 'authority' of the Republican Party in the past; or at least severely tested the folks in the Republican base. Also, the Dinobots are in the form of Dinosaurs. Many keep bringing McCain's age into the equation..... And finally, Dino rhymes really well with RINO. For those of you who don't know the right wing jargon, RINO = "Republican In Name Only", hence a moderate or a liberal calling himself a Republican.

And Optimus Prime, who is he? He would either be Ronald Reagan, the "spirit" of Ronald Reagan, the general consensus of true US-Capitalistic-Social Conservatism the essence of the US Constitution. Optimus Prime is the good guy in the story who is the real fighter for Liberty.

As for Obamatron, I'm not through with him yet. Megatron is a Decepticon. Obama is a Democrat. Obamatron then is a Deceptocrat. Notice "Decept" for Deception. In the recent Transformer movie, the Decepticon Police Car had written on it the motto: "To Punish and Enslave" as opposed to "To Protect and to Serve". I liked the parallel of the authority image of the police car. The same for Obama, he wishes to be our authority, supposedly to serve us; but in reality to enslave us with more socialism. Currently the average family works from January to May just for uncle sam. With Obamatron in office, will we work from January until July?

And Grimlock, I mean McCain, I mean the RINObot, what about him? Our founding fathers gave us a Constitutional Republic with the idea of keeping us free men. Since the beginning of our country, there have been few presidents who have run with the torch of Liberty. Reagan was the last one so far. Bush tried to cloak himself in the Constitution, but as many can see, he has a lot of RINObot tendencies.

McCain is completely a RINObot:
challenging US Constitutional principles
Obama is Obamatron completely fighting US Constitutional principles.

One, a thorn in the flesh
of "Constitutionist Prime"
the other
an enemy
of "Constitutionist Prime"

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