Thursday, July 17, 2008

Your SUV and George Bush are destroying Mars!

I just read a fascinating article about similarities between Alaska and Mars.

Click her for source article.

A pair of scientist, noticed that some formations in a Martian photo were similar to some in an Alaskan photo. They set out to find what caused the pattern in the Alaskan photo. They determined that it was avalanches. A side note in the article said that they speculated that these avalanches were being caused by climate change.

They sent their results to NASA. Sometime later, NASA was able to get a picture of a real life avalanche happening on Mars. Pretty cool. The avalanche was being cause by ice breaking up.

I suppose this avalanche also was being caused by climate change on Mars. Everybody knows that global warming and climate change is happening because of your SUV and George Bush. I just did not know that the problem was as bad as it is! So bad that we are affecting the climate on Mars! Quick! Somebody needs to alert Al Gore and the United Nations!


General Ledger said...

Its been my long belief that all of the "Mars Hype" is to fabricate proof that Mars was once a habitable and thriving planet with happy little green men. The Environmentalist would like to then insinuate that Global Warming ruined the once great planet.

kevinc said...

General, I agree with you. I'm reading between the lines in the news and thats kind of what I'm gathering.

So then, do you think that the Environmentalist are looking for proof of ancient SUVs on the surface of Mars or do you think that the Democrats are just going to come out and say that George Bush destroyed Mars?

General Ledger said...

They'll put a "cloned" G.W. in a first generation chevy suburban.

Joel Odom said...

Global warming is REAL! You know who said that? YOU KNOW? THE UN!

kevinc said...

Joel, That is a quote that will live in infamy! The UN says that because they have a stake in the global warming industry. The UN is looking for a reason to exist and a reason to tax individuals of the world.