Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What do you trust?

Where is your hope?

Many people trust different things many of which are tangible or intangible. Some folks trust in their abilities and in their track record of getting stuff done. Others trust in the cash or assets they have.

The Christian and Muslim trust that there is a God, the atheist trusts that there is not one.

Some trust in their doctrine or theology, trusting in their vast knowledge of Biblical texts.

But when you’re down and all you can see is absolute chaos, what are you trusting in; where is your hope?


Joel Odom said...

I trust the United States Federal government.

kevinc said...

Yes. Many people bow and worship at the alter of BIG government.

General Ledger said...

I don't trust circus carnie creatures or clowns.

I do trust people in Monkey suits.